Who is Valrak

Behold, for Valrak is no mere mortal...

He is the Chapter Master, the indomitable force that commands the mightiest warriors in the service of the Emperor...

So humble...

Right, Right, Right Listen, Right

The Humble Man, the Legend...

Clad in the revered power armor of the Adeptus Astartes, Valrak strides through the accursed battlefields of the 41st millennium, his presence a beacon of unwavering devotion to the Imperium.

Hailing from the hallowed lineage of the Imperial fists Space Marine Chapter, Valrak is a fanatic among fanatics—a true Space Marine zealot, unyielding in his dedication to the lore, the wargear, and the eternal struggle against the myriad horrors that beset mankind.

His northern twang, resonates across the grimdark expanse of the galactic frontier, disseminating news, prophecies, Rumours NOT LEAKS and tales of valour to all who would heed the call.

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For The Love Of The EMPEROR

He loves members, the bigger the member the better...

But Valrak is not merely a herald; he is the architect of a burgeoning legion, a community bound by the shared love for the Emperor's holy hobby.

Through the Vox, his words rally legions of enthusiastic members, transforming them into a fellowship of brothers and sisters, zenos and heritics, united by the passion that courses through the very veins of the Imperium and the wider Galaxy.

In the shadow of his mighty presence, (so humble...) Valrak's community transcends the digital realm, manifesting in sacred meet-ups where dice are cast, memories forged, and the indomitable spirit of Warhammer 40,000 is celebrated (Down with AOS).

No Free Marbles...

No Pity. No Remorse. No refunds.

Who is Valrak?

As the Chapter Master of this growing legion, Valrak stands as a testament to the enduring flame of devotion that burns brightly in the hearts of those who tread the path of the Adeptus Astartes.

So, when the question echoes across the battlefield of the grimdark future—Who is Valrak?

Know this: he is a paragon of the Imperium, a herald of the Emperor's will, and a beacon that guides the faithful Greens (No Greys allowed) through the unending darkness of the 41st millennium.

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There Are No Leaks, Only Rumours...

The Lord Of The Foil

Gather, ye faithful, and bow before the lord of lore, the maestro of miniatures, the undisputed ruler of the sacred foil! Behold, Chapter Master Valrak, Lord of the Foil, whose dominion extends beyond the grimdark tales of the 41st millennium.

In the sanctum of his command, amongst the stacks of hoarded Waitrose water, Valrak wields the mighty power of the sacred foil, a force unrivalled in its ability to unveil the secrets and intricacies of the Emperor's grand tapestry.

Clad in the resplendent armour of a Chapter Master, he stands as a beacon of enlightenment amidst the shadows that shroud the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

So, so humble...

Sacred Foil Pierces The Darkness

The Foil Rules All...

With the precision of a Techmarine, Valrak unveils the mysteries of the warp, lore, and the artistry of the miniature. His northern voice, like the resonant hum of a power sword, echoes across the galactic expanse, drawing legions of enthusiasts into the fold.

Through the almighty Vox, he imparts wisdom, stirs excitement for incoming releases, and binds his followers in a fellowship that transcends the digital realm.

But it is the sacred foil that sets him apart—a tool that cuts through the darkness, revealing the true essence of the roumerverse. As the Lord of the Foil, Valrak's gaze pierces the veil of ignorance, exposing the intricacies of lore with a precision that rivals the Omnissiah's sacred technology.

His dominion over the foil is not just a mastery; it is a revelation, an illumination that guides the faithful through the labyrinthine corridors of the Imperium's legacy. Thus, in the annals of the grimdark future, Chapter Master Valrak, Lord of the Foil, stands resolute—a symbol of enlightenment, a commander of narratives, and a sovereign ruler whose foil-wrapped wisdom transcends the very essence of the Emperor's divine hobby.

I was there the day Valrak Slew the Pink Chair...

The Legend Of The Pink Chair

Gone But Not Forgotten

In the depths of the darkest Manchester Forests, within the hallowed halls of the sacred hobby sanctum, where the echoes of dice rolls and freshly uttered scams linger, there exists a legend—a tale of the Pink Chair, gone before its time.

Once, it stood as a throne of inspiration, a command seat for a mighty hobbyist whose passion knew no bounds. Clad in the vibrant hue of Slanneshy fervor, the Pink Chair bore witness to countless hours of scams, lore unraveling, brush strokes dancing upon miniatures, and the Well, Well, Wells of battle live on YouTube.

But alas, in the ebb and flow of the warp, the Pink Chair met its fate—a sacrifice to the relentless march of time and the rigours of the endless crusade. Though its physical form may have been laid to rest, its legacy persists in the hearts of those who gathered around its auspicious presence.

The Pink Chair, a symbol of camaraderie and shared tales, remains etched in the memories of the longstanding Member-Fellowship it once cradled. Its absence is a silent howl in the darkness of the void, a reminder of the impermanence of the material realm, yet a testament to the enduring spirit of the hobbyist within.

As we forge onward in our sacred endeavours, let us raise our brushes and dice in salute...to the Pink Chair.

The Glaze King in Yellow...

In the shadowed recesses of the hobby realm, where pigments and hues merge in a tapestry of war-torn splendor, there emerges a figure shrouded in mystery—the Collector of Yellow Glaze.

Clad in the robes of a master alchemist, this enigmatic artisan traverses the vast expanse of the miniature battlefield with an unwavering devotion to the golden radiance of the Emperor's chosen pigment.

With meticulous precision, the Collector extracts the essence of sunlight and imbues it into each vial of yellow glaze, a substance coveted by hobbyists across the galactic frontier.

Through the warp-touched alchemy of brush and glaze, this collector bestows a celestial glow upon the ceramite plates of Adeptus Astartes Imperial Fists, the parchments of ancient tomes, and the banners that flutter defiantly in the grimdark winds.

Legends speak of the Collector's gatherings—a clandestine conclave where artisans from across the stars convene to witness the mastery of the yellow glaze. It is said that in these hallowed meetings, secrets of luminosity are exchanged, and miniatures are transformed into celestial beacons that stand resolute against the encroaching darkness (so humble).

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