Welcome to the Glorious Queue

We have introduced a queue

With the rise of bots, scalpers and non-green-name scammers, we have implemented a queue system to our website, this is to ensure everyone gets a fair chance at being scammed by Valrak buying what they want.

Aprox 10 minutes
Ladies and Gentlement, we got'm
Ok I'll wait in lineI'm a scalper, skip queue
Hurry, scams await -  make a decision !
Absolute Simp!
Welcome Brothers, Sisters, Zenos and Heretics...

No Pity. No Remorse. No Refunds

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I extend my fervent gratitude to you, noble patrons, for granting me passage through the warp of nightmare. My debt to you is eternal; every fibre of this existence is owed to your stalwart support!

TLDR - Get some awesome merch which helps me put everything back into the channel for more cool stuff in the future for our amazing community!

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